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About Us

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Just as God gave us rainbows

 to bring promise of brighter days,

Butterflies to reveal the ability to change, 

And birds to show us that the sky is the limit, 

God also gave us Hudson.


Hudson was the light to guide our path, 

The love to fill our hearts,

And she is now our angel to direct our way

Until God, once again, brings us all back together.


We all share in the same moments of 

life, love, laughter, and even tears.


We all know sadness,

And we all know joy.


We all revel in the beauty that surrounds us,

We all find comfort in gathering with family and friends,

And the Matakaetis family hopes that our beautiful 

daughter, sister, granddaughter, 

Our beautiful light, will live on in the 

smiles, hearts and memories made

By everyone who walks through the door 

at Hudson’s On The River.


Located in beautiful downtown Stuart, 

at the foot of the Roosevelt Bridge, 

Hudson’s on The River has glorious views,

From sun up to sundown. 


Our 3 core principles:

Sustainability - brighter days

Fresh ingredients - our ability to change

Flavors - where the sky is the limit.

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